November 17 is Coffee Saturday!

NOVEMBER 17 is COFFEE SATURDAY. ALL PARENTS MUST ATTEND FIRST HALF HOUR OF PRACTICE – The last Saturday of each month we will have a coffee meeting with all parents of Chick Whips.  We understand that most mornings folks come in and drop of their girls while running errands but we as coaching staff need a moment to speak with you all about upcoming events.
I sent home papers with your Chick Whips to pass along with you as well as post to either email (we only use the CW Yahoo Group for the calendar feature) and we also post to Facebook.
The first monthly meeting will be November 17th.  While the girls are warming up, the coaches are going to break away to give you updates on fundraisers, upcoming events and speak with you about planning for the future bouts in the summer.  Please make plans to attend.  We expect the meeting to run from anywhere from 15 to minutes to half hour long.
Dues are due on the 15th – Past due notices went out – if you are over your ten days you cannot skate.  The PayPal button is on the Chick Whips site now. If you are out and about and run into anyone who wants to donate, you can direct them to the site. the donation will go to the Credit Union account.
Next Fundraiser at RJ’s Auction Service will be 11/17 –  Our last auction netted us $575.90!!!  Thank you so much for all the amazing baked goods.  The sign-up sheet has been updated and is always placed on the front counter.  Make sure your young ladies are baking something or selling – this will pay for our jerseys and our travel in the summer!
Thanksgiving break – will me the week of Thanksgiving – we will not have practices during that week.  We will return the Thursday 11/27.
MSTs will be taken the week you return from Thanksgiving break – these MSTs are going to be strict for the safety of hitting or non-hitting.  The evaluation will be every three months so there will be work to be done no matter where you end up.
Attendance – Saturday practices are looking dismal. We work really hard to be here and work as a team. Please note that if you miss a practice there are 5 ways to get in touch with Coach Reaver, Coach Knocks, or Coach Pixie. Please do so or your attendance will be counted as unexcused and that will begin to work against you in quickly approaching bouting season.
Saturday, November 24 – 6 pm Miracle on Kansas Avenue – Parade of Lights – NEW PARKING NOTICE:  Parking on west side of Kansas Avenue is NOT ALLOWED from 10th to 6th during the parade this year.  Parking is allowed on the east side of Kansas Avenue and all other streets.  This is to ensure the safety of the parade crowd by allowing more space for floats.  The public will be allowed to stand mid-street behind the cones in order to view the parade from the east side of the entries.   PLEASE comply!  Streets will be blocked starting at 2 pm.
Kansas Road Runners Ice Hockey (Waiting on schedule from Contact)
Where: Expo Center
When: January 19, 2013 at 6:50pm and March 23, 2013 at 6:50pm
Why: Community event, Chick Whips can use this time to meet and greet public, recruit new players and get our name out there.