Fundraising News!

We have agreed to coming to 2 more auctions where we will be selling our baked goods AND auction them off.
Big cinnamon rolls, homemade cakes, cookies and pies sell really well. Because the type of crowd is very family friendly RJ’s feels we would have a good response in their audience wanting to help the girls fundraise.
Those dates left are 11/17 and 12/15.

I realize that not everyone is a baker, now is a great time to learn! I am asking you to make sure you don’t leave your parents to do all the work. EVERYONE must pitch in. We will have a signup sheet so the same folks are not getting stuck doing all the baking or all the selling. It is going to be pretty important that we have representation at the auction house because we will be the inspiration for the amount of money they would like to give. Also we look to the future where this might be a good place to sell tickets, gain advertisers and further fundraise as our seasons come.

Over the next three months we will do one auction a night 11/17 and 12/15 and work them from 4pm-8pm which will give us ample time to sell any baked goods and soften up the crowd for donations and sponsorships for the girls.
They have agreed to give us a little room right up front on the inside of the auction house to sell our baked goods – but also asked to set aside a cake or pie to be auctioned once an hour.
The auction house has also offered to play a couple games with their crowd that will benefit us that – they are giving us tickets to sell for the following games.

One game is called heads or tails. People buy a ticket for $1 (which our girls can sell) then at an appointed time per night RJ’s will play the game. The game consists of everyone putting their hands on their heads or their tails and with the flip of a coin they thin the crowd down until there is only 1 person standing. (Example heads on the coin flip leaves all the people with their hands on their heads in the running). The person that wins – wins ½ the pot – while the other half will go to the Chick Whips. Example – we sell 50 tickets at $1 a piece – then play the game some lucky winner wins $25 bucks and we have just made $25 dollars.

The second game RJ’s suggested is similar – it’s called 50 / 50 it’s the same as heads or tails just without all the work. Girls sell the tickets that are a chance to win, they will have a drawing later in the evening and someone win’s half the pot while the other half goes to the Chick Whips!

RJ’s suggested making items without nuts as folks are allergic (and they do not always sell well). They also gave me some fantastic Tupperware to fill with baked goodies so you do not have to worry about giving away your own. Also if you have collectible, new or unused items they could auction them for us commission free. We are thinking of trying to hit up local businesses to see if they can donate items to auction.
If you have any suggestions or concerns please let me know.

Coach Reaver

Information about the auction house – RJ’s Auction Service
15767 S. Topeka Ave ~ Scranton, KS 66537
Email –
It’s located at the corner of highway 56 and US 75 just south of Carbondale (next to Four Corners Restaurant)