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Memorial Day Mayhem Teams:

Topeka Chick Whips (Kansas)
Texas Rolling Rebellion (Texas)
SDG Butcher Babes (Colorado)
Sodak Attack (South Dakota)
Philly Juniors (Pennsylvania)
Gotham (New York)
Sirens of Savannah (Georgia)
TXJRD (Texas)
Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks (Colorado)

Round robin roller derby games (each team will be guaranteed 2 sanctioned games), sanctioned all female and co-ed only please. 2 refs/nso’s per visiting team minimum. Refs & NSOs can sign up here!

The Chick Whips are now Co-ed as
we roll into our 6th season!

We have been growing steadily and strong and have some exciting news to share with our fans. In our six seasons we grew from just a little team that has a boot camp with 8 little girls to now a GIANT team that supports over 40! To give our players all the support they need we have split into two internal teams. Whiplash and Hip Chicks!

We are still the Chick Whips, but we decided to split the teams to focus more on the level of the players. If you have ever played roller derby you know it can be difficult to have skill levels mixed. The Coaching staff are looking to challenge our more advanced girls with heavy strategy, hard work, and excelled practices. For our beginner skaters we still introduction of play and conditioning.

Whiplash – Our Advanced team is made up of players whose goal is to play on the JRDA Charter and bout both in sanctioned and unsanctioned level 3 play. They are competitive, hard working and experienced. Our advanced ladies have been playing with us for a minimum of one season. They play at a Level 3 JRDA, once they pass WDFTA MSTs and written test and are in good standing with the team they are considered for our Charter. Hip Chicks – are our beginning to intermediate team. They range from absolute beginners who are learning to skate to ladies who have already completed a season of learning and are working to level 2 of JRDA play. This gives Hip Chicks time to grow in a safe environment without pressure of a more competitive nature.

Both teams have a huge season before them.
Come be a part of it!


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The Chick Whips have a twitter now! Follow us @chick_whips for updates and bout schedules!



This is Topeka’s only Junior Roller Derby team – the Chick Whips! This team is made up of young women ages 8 – 17 who are hungry for roller derby! They practice twice a week at Sk8away in Topeka so drop by and take a look at your future women’s roller derby girls in action!

The league started during the summer of 2011 as a summer derby bootcamp. After the 5-week bootcamp was over we expanded to having 3-month sessions with a few weeks for a break between each session.

The girls have been together since the first session and have practiced very hard. They have honed their skating abilities – edging, blocking, stops, and strategies. They have learned the importance of teamwork. And they have shined during bouting with their camaraderie and hard work.

Drop us a line if you are interesting in bouting or scrimmages!

We practice on Tuesday or Thursday at 6PM and on Saturday mornings at 8AM. Check our practice schedule for complete details.